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Bags specialist, it is very naturally that we have developed re-usable, green or recyclable bags. We have built a strong experience in this field following a new trend and demand in Northern Europe/Scandinavia. Together with our International "know how" in PP non woven bags, we are today one of the leader in recyclable bags in whole Europe.

Strong of this experience and status, we propose our bags trough our "EXPORT Service"

 EXPORT services: Up to 5,000pcs, we guaranty the competitiveness of ours prices thanks to the bags' import directly from Asia, where our buying office on site handles the orders follow up,the quality control before departure, etc...) to be able to provide tailor made bags at your colors, with your logo, ensuring a delivery in between 30 to 45 days, depending on your quantity.

Our goal is to make you beneficiate of our best prices, directly from the most competitive sources. Some bags better for the Environment but where, especially on a very competitive market, the price factor is very important.

Last, www.bagsnonwoven.com brings you support and informations during all the steps and follow up of the order we received. By email or on the phone, an interlocutor is at your disposal, for 5000 as for 500 000pcs, as we know that each order is important and each client deserves the same quality of service.

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